“The American Dream”

“The American Dream.” Freedom, education, independence are all words that highlight the American Dream, for 18 year old Jeremiah. Jeremiah was a child of immigrant single mother and the oldest of 6 siblings, Living the American Dream was something he never thought he would ever experience. Born and raised in New York, life was rough for Jeremiah. He shared a small 2 bedroom apartment with 6 others, living through poverty and violent surroundings. Defeated, Jeremiah thought the horrors would never end. One day after being bullied in school and tired of being ashamed of his living conditions, Jeremiah came home and told his mom he was quitting school.
To give her family a fresh start, Jeremiah’s mother moved them to Florida. Living conditions were still rough, but now they had a chance. Jeremiah was ready to embrace his fresh start and finishing school was his top priority. He stumbled across a Eckerd Connects – Youth Build flyer by accident and he knew instantly this was his chance.
Excitedly, he enrolled into program. So far Jeremiah has earned his GED diploma, First Aid/CPR, OSHA 10 and NCCER certifications. He found new confidence, made life-long friendships, was able to provide financial support for his family and started his own YouTube channel!
Jeremiah is now the first in his family to enroll into college and is pursuing a degree in Digital Media . He doesn’t stop there, Jeremiah is planning on starting his own construction business, all the while documenting his path for his YouTube channel. Jeremiah is living “The American Dream.”
Learn how you can reach your potential at: https://eckerd.org/workforce/youth