Thank You for Raising Hope

Room of Hope
“Welcome to a room full of HOPE”

On a hot Florida day, a case manager visited the Largo Room of Hope looking for long sleeve shirts and jeans for a teenage girl.  Being July, there were no cold weather items on the shelf.  As she was leaving feeling defeated, Volunteer Marny Greatrix asked her why she needed the clothing.  The case manager explained she was working with a teen girl in a foster home who had a history of cutting herself, and she wanted the winter items to cover the scars.  Determined to help, Marny let Raising Hope Director Kelly Rossi know about the situation.

Marny Greatrix
Volunteer & Hope Raiser Marny Greatrix

Thanks to you and other supporters of Eckerd’s Raising Hope, Kelly had the discretionary funds necessary to go out and buy the clothes that were needed.  She was able to run to a store that day and get jeans and long sleeve shirts for this young lady.  The items were delivered to the case manager within 48 hours, and the caseworker reported that the child was very happy to receive the items.

Marny Greatrix is just one of our wonderful and dedicated Hope Raisers! Hope Raisers are community volunteers, donors and supporters, who without their support we could not serve the children and families that come to us every day.

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