Sweet Joshua, 11, is looking for a home as fun as he is

“Always game to try new things!”

Joshua’s a sweet soul with a silly sense of humor.

Learn more about Joshua by visiting our friends at the Heart Gallery of Tampa.

He’s wicked smart, does great in school (with all advanced classes!) and can build amazing Lego creations from his imagination. If he could have any superpower he’d want to be able to change himself into an animal, specifically a cheetah so that- in the event of an emergency- he could “carry all the babies on [his] back and run them to safety.”

Photo credit: Photo by CSallustio Photography

This year Joshua learned that “everything is made out of atoms,” and he hopes to one day be famous for his intelligence. With such an active, inquisitive mind, it does Joshua good to see new places and try new things, and he’d like to be part of a family that’s on-the-go and involved in their community.