Eckerd Connects | Success Stories | Dylan Y.

Dylan, 18, came to Eckerd Connects Workforce Development via his best friend, and a fellow participant. This friend told Dylan that High School was not made for him because he is an antisocial person.  Dylan does not like easy tasks because they bore him and believed High School was too easy.

While participating in the program Dylan earned his First Aid, Safe Staff and NRF (National Retail Federation) Credentials, as well as, his High School Diploma.  The latter became important when Dylan found it was necessary to pursue his dream of being a United States Marine. In the armed forces, he is pursuing a career in Aviation.

“I recommend people that are struggling in high school to go to Eckerd.”

Currently, Dylan is participating in the Work Experience at Hardee’s. Dylan has also been to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) and is enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and recently reported to boot camp on 3/30/20.

Congrats Dylan. Thank you for your service.

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