Success Stories | Vincent

When Vincent enrolled in Eckerd Connects Workforce Development on August 8th of 2019, he was an older participant at 20. With his age came a good amount of life experience that allowed him to maximize the value of our career pathway services.

Vincent admitted upon enrollment that he did not do well in traditional school because of poor attendance. Vincent elaborated that he did not see the value in it as he wanted to work and eventually learn a trade.  He sought the Eckerd Connects program because he understood the value of obtaining his high school diploma to get more meaningful and higher-paying employment in his life….Vincent got his diploma on November 22nd of 2019.

As a participant in the Workforce Development program

Vincent was presented with many career readiness, workforce lessons which included:

  • resume writing
  • post-secondary education
  • technology and social media’s impact on employment
  • interview skills
  • lifetime earnings vs salary
  • dress for success
  • interview tips & practice thank you letter
  • soft skills assessment
  • job networking.

Vincent also took part in a visit to CareerSource center in Orange City, FL in which he completed an extensive career interest assessment that identified skills and interests for future careers.

Additionally, Vincent took part in an abundant amount of life lesson workshops to help him be more well versed in various areas that he might be exposed to as an adult. These workshops included:

  • Identity Theft,
  • Anger Management
  • Domestic Violence
  • Misc Tax Information
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Drug use/Abuse
  • Buying a Car,
  • FDIC Money Smart lessons (Money Matters)
  • Cost of Renting
  • Alcohol Abuse Prevention
  • Consumer Credit Basics.

Workforce Ready

Vincent has already made strides to improve his career path.  Initially, upon enrollment, Vincent had worked at Arby’s in Deland for a few years and upon completion of his shift went to his second job a couple of miles to the north.  Vincent closed at a local restaurant/bar up the road called OBJs Lounge, so he worked from approximately 3:30 pm until 3/4 am regularly. Vincent’s demanding work schedule coupled with his determination was the biggest reason he was so successful.  It was also why the Deland Career Coach pushed him even harder (if possible) so he could break free from the rigorous, demanding work experience so he wouldn’t need to continue working so hard unless he chooses to.

Vincent now works in the deli department at Publix in north Deland and also works at TGIF’s.  Upon enrollment, Vincent identified that he wanted to pursue welding (which he still wants to); however, he is looking at obtaining his CDL initially.  Vincent is going to take advantage of the tuition program at Publix to obtain his CDL.  He recently notified the Career Coach at the Deland site that he wants to get his CDL, then pursue welding.  He wisely identified how having both occupational credentials would ensure he was extremely successful because he could cast a wider employment net and/or do welding on the side if he became a truck driver.

Just another example of how Vincent is an inspirational young man that works hard!

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