Success Stories | Sheila

Sheila was unemployed and living at a crisis center for 5 months when she enrolled in our Workforce program. She was concerned about finding job opportunities because of her lack of education and the skills needed to find employment in the culinary industry, which was her dream.  

Sheila in her work uniformOur Denver Workforce Services invested in Sheila by enrolling her in the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) program to receive financial assistance to attend Culinary QuickStart training. 

Being 59 years old and homeless, Sheila is struggling to get through tough times while training towards a better career. Her car needs significant repairs, but she has exhausted her savings and has no family to reach out to for help.  

“My truck has been in bad shape since December 2019. Unfortunately, I have not had any additional money to get my truck fixed. Also, I don’t have any family here in Denver to help support me or help lend me the money to fix my truck.” 

Sheila needs a reliable car to be able to achieve her goals. She obtained full-time employment from the Colorado Department of Human Resources to work in their onsite kitchen as a Chef. In this position she will make more than minimum wage and receive 401k and benefits. This will completely change Sheila’s situation.  

Getting her truck repaired will ensure Sheila has reliable transportation and will be available to work whenever she is needed. 

“Thank you so much for investing and believing me.” 

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