Success Stories | Rodney

Rodney came to the program at the urging of his parent when the traditional high school setting was not working.  

Rodney holding his diplomaWhen he first entered the program, Rodney was not very happy at all to be there. He didn’t say much and wasn’t a very active participant. With encouragement from his Career Coach, though, Rodney now enjoys interacting with staff and peers. 

While in the program, Rodney gained his work readiness skills as well as occupational credentials in Food Handling, Customer Service, and Sales. To widen his employment opportunities, Rodney has also decided to work on his Front Desk and Guestroom certifications.  

With help from his Coach and his own persistence, Rodney graduated with his High School Diploma through Penn Foster High School.  

Rodney is now looking to begin a Paid Work Experience to gain some skills. His future goal is to work in the fitness field as a trainer. 

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