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Otis working with a dogOtis was a youth struggling to find his way. He had graduated from high school, but with no proper plan for his future. He half-heartly tried to find employment, but really did not know what career path he wanted to take. When his living situation was in jeopardy because of his inability to contribute to rent, Otis turned to the Youth Connections Program for help.

Once Otis enrolled in the program, he got right to work. He and his Career Coach determined his 3 main career interests were in the manufacturing industry, working with animals and customer service. He was enrolled in pre-apprenticeship training and earned a Certified Production Technician certification. During his training, he realized that was not exactly the path for him and wanted to try something else. He really wanted to work with animals.

His Career Coach placed him in a 6-week internship with Midway Veterinary Hospital. He was exposed to every position in the hospital and loved it! He found his path. Upon completion of the internship, the employer offered Otis a job. They were so impressed with his caring nature and dedication; they wanted him to be a part of their team. Otis plans to learn as much as possible with this employer and is looking into furthering his education in the veterinary field.

“I am extremely thankful and appreciate the opportunities (Eckerd Connects) Youth Connections has provided me with. My life and the way I view it will never be the same. I will forever be in debt to my Career Coach and the Youth Connections Program.”

~ Otis W.


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