Success Stories | Nathaniel

Nathaniel has been raised by a single mother who works two jobs to make ends meet. Having grown up with no father figure and losing a young sibling to gang violence, Nathaniel learned the value of growth and personal evolution when he decided to change schools in order to find a better crowd. He felt that he was being overly influenced by some of the other teens that surrounded him and wanted to make the best decision possible to ensure his future success. Since making this change, his life has improved tremendously and he’s on the path to success. He has perfect attendance and makes terrific grades.

Nathaniel plays football and basketball at his high school. Although switching schools meant he would have to start from scratch and prove his worth to a new team, he has made a name for himself. He has received offers from two schools so far to attend their football camp in hopes to recruit him to their program. He volunteers regularly at his local gym and has taken on more responsibilities at home to help his mother, who has supported him wholeheartedly. Despite the family’s challenges, she always made a way for Nathaniel to play sports.

Nathaniel is receiving support through an Eckerd Connects Success Award to fix a car he purchased. “The car needs a new transmission… This is very important to me because it will help my mom out so that she doesn’t have to take off of work to take me to all of my practices.” This will set him up for success in college, as well, and give him independence until then to pursue other jobs in order to help with bills. He yearns to get a full ride scholarship for football and become all he can be.

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