Success Stories | Logan

Logan with his diplomaBrick and mortar school was not working for Logan. He was having trouble with classmates and felt as though he could not move forward to finish school and find his career path. 

Logan joined the program not knowing what he would achieve. He has always been polite, a great communicator, and interested in computers. He dreamed of a career in sales. 

Logan has worked with his coach to build both his work readiness and employability skills to help him find a future career. He worked hard and obtained occupational certificates in food handling, customer service, and sales – and most importantly, his high school diploma.  

The next step in Logan’s journey is participating in a Paid Work Experience. With his love for computers in mind, we were able to find Logan a position as a component tester. He is extremely proud to be able to show his family how far he has come, and his excitement for the future is palpable: 

“Thanks, you guys are awesome!” Logan exclaimed to his Coach and other staff in the office on the day he picked up his High School Diploma. 

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