Success Stories | Letter from Clayton

Clayton is looking to flip the narrative on his life and show that he is greater than all the negative things in his past. As he begins to take steps towards the future, he understands he will need help to become successful in life. Hear from Clayton in his own words how receiving a laptop is so important to his success. 

Clayton with school supplies“My name is Clayton. I am 17 years old. I am making the best efforts to get my life back to some sense of normal. I am currently working with Project Bridge to earn my GED, so I can pursue my goal of becoming a welder. Mr. Marquis, Mr. Cornelius, and Mr. Baron are playing a crucial role in helping accomplish all my current short-term goals.  

Now I am working at Chick-Fil-A as a kitchen cook, working between 25-30 hours a week. While working, I am making sure I attend my GED classes regularly. I am thankful for the flexibility and guidance of Mr. Baron, who is helping me find the most efficient path to obtaining my GED.  

Once I graduate, I plan to enroll in Ridge Technical in Lakeland and begin my journey as a welder.  

A laptop will serve several purposes for me while I am on this journey.  

The first one being that I work so much, I only get one day of GED prep. I would love to put in more time on this goal. A GED is especially important to me and having a laptop will allow me to work on GED-related tasks like studying, practice tests, and email communication with my teachers.  

Having a laptop gives me the flexibility to do more when I am not at Project Bridge and when I have free time at home.  

I will surely need a computer as a college student soon. I will be able to get assignments completed quicker and communicate with my teachers about my studies.  

Eckerd Connects has been an unbelievable asset to me and my journey. Thank you all for everything you do for me.”


Clayton has had all the reasons in life to make the wrong decisions.  

Although he has made some negative choices in the past, he now understands the effects his choices have had on others and is looking to recommit himself to pursuing success! 

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