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Karley at graduationNeeding an alternative 

Like her brother, Karley sought out the services of the Eckerd Connects Workforce Development program because her brother had a unique disease in which he was susceptible to getting sickKarley had been homeschooled previously out of concern for her brother’s health issue but the family knew she would need more help to earn her high school diploma on time.  

Getting started 

Karley enrolled as a participant in early February. Typically, applicants have a two-week trial portion of the program that allows both them and the site Career Coach to see if enrolling in the Eckerd Connects program would be beneficial.  

After only a week it was obvious that Karley could benefit from the program. Additionally, the Career Coach at the Deland, FL location could see she was serious about her development and committed to successfully completing the program. 

Getting certified 

By her second week in the program, Karley obtained her first state-recognized credential, a Safe Staff Food Handlers certification, a well-recognized certification in the restaurant industry that acknowledges proficiency in proper food handling and storage. 

More importantly, just four months after enrollment, Karley accomplished her goal of earning her high school diploma. 

Taking full advantage 

As a program participant, Karley completed a mixture of employment readiness and career pathway workshops that addressed work ethic and interviewing preparation, financial management, and personal life development. 

Future goals in the Armed Forces 

Karley always wanted to enlist in the military as a participant in the program. 

Karley completed the enlistment process and began basic training on 11/15/21, just weeks after her brotherThis made her a YPO (Youth Positive Outcome) and an official graduate of the Eckerd Connects Workforce Development program. 

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