Success Stories | Jason

When Jason entered our workforce program, he was looking to develop occupational skills and earn a high school diploma equivalency. He had dropped out of secondary school in the 9th grade at 16 years old. This left Jason without the credential, experience, or means to obtain a well-paying job.  In addition, Jason never registered for a driver’s permit or license.    

During program intake, Jason completed a basic skills assessment.  The results indicated that Jason was behind several grade levels. Through funding provided by the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA), Jason received free GED preparation training, basic skills tutoring, occupational skills training, and support services for transportation. Within 3 short months, Jason had excelled 3 grade levels in reading and math, and earned a General Education Diploma (GED).     

Jason and his family were over the moon with excitement.  Shortly after he was released from our program, Jason was hired as a fire prevention specialist in training. He’s earning sustainable wages, has a driver’s license, and is on his way to total independence.  

Jason’s mother told the program director that she was grateful to have located a WorkSource Georgia provider in her area.  Jason wants everyone to know that Eckerd Connects’ staff “care and will provide the individual support and instruction needed to ensure success”  

Eckerd Connects | Paxen is one of the youth providers in Northwest Georgia in partnership with WorkSource Northwest Georgia.  All services are funded at no cost to the participant.  To learn more about WIOA programs in Northwest Georgia, click on the link: 

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