Success Stories | Frank

An alternate path 

Picutre of FrankFrank was your typical teenager that had lost his focus on the importance of school and had poor attendance as a result. Graduating was going to be an issue, so his mother and stepfather sought out alternatives for him. 

Frank’s guardians learned of the Eckerd Connects Workforce Development program and thought it would be a great alternative to aid Frank in being successful as a young adult. 

Earning a GED 

Frank was not as strong academically as other participants that have enrolled in the program; however, any deficiency he had was overcome by the constant redirection, motivation, and guidance of his career coach at the Deland, FL location. 

With the help of his career coach, Frank was able to pass the four subject area tests and earn his GED 

Developing career and life skills 

 Frank attended multiple workshops and lessons to help him as an employee and to help him in his personal life. These workshops addressed work ethic and interviewing preparation, financial management and personal life skill development. 

Frank also was present for a Daytona State College presentation to acquire information pertaining to enrolling in higher education as he would like to pursue a career pathway in Music Production.  

Pursuing his passion 

Frank had composed and written numerous rap lyrics that are embedded with a deeper meaning. As his career coach explains to himFranks’ lyrics “drop knowledge” and are a throwback to hip hop artists that incorporated a deeper meaning and message than the superficial, materialistic lyrics found in a lot of modern rap songs. 

Frank became a Youth Positive Outcome after he obtained employment at a local restaurant in Deland, FL. Frank still maintains that position at the restaurant and recently took on a second job!

Dreams in the Music Industry

Frank plans to use the next year or two to earn and save as much as he can since he graduated earlier than his peers, and is not yet 18. He will use that money to help pursue further education in the music industry. 

Since becoming a YPO, he has continuously stopped in to thank his coach for helping him become successful. Frank acknowledges he would not have been successful had he not enrolled in the Eckerd Connects program. 

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