Success Stories | Elisa

Elisa is a single parent of 3. She currently works full time, barely making enough to get by.  

Through her employer, Elisa is continuing her education through a master’s program that will allow her to acquire more skills. Once she completes her degree, she will earn better opportunities and a significant pay increase. 

Elisa with success award

While working towards an exciting future, Elisa is struggling in her journey due to having extra expenses that arise from caring for 3 children. She is actively working on exiting homelessness and has persevered through domestic violence to become a college student and full-time employee.  

Most recently, Elisa expressed the need for reliable transportation. She had a car but was unable to afford the major repairs needed to make it safe. Whether she had to go to work, pick up her kids, or take a trip to the grocery store, Elisa was always worried her car would break down, or something would stop working, putting her and her kids in danger. 

Transportation is especially important in a county where public transportation is not as consistent or as developed as it is in bigger cities.  

A Success Award for car repairs was the added boost Elisa needed to keep her on her successful path. 

By helping Elisa repair her car, you helped her avoid the expense of purchasing a new car and provided safe and reliable transportation for her and her family. Now, Elisa is free to focus on completing her master’s program and creating the best life for her and her family. 

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