Success Stories | Demaurion

Demaurion used to have a hard time following rules and dealing with negative emotions. He joined our program and was linked with the resources and counseling he needed to succeed.

Since then, he has been excelling in school with a 3.57 GPA. He hasn’t missed a single day and is set to graduate on time. He attends church and participates in the youth group. His sponsor says, “(his) behavior has changed drastically… He is being a role model for his younger siblings, making better choices at school and at home, and has learned many tactics to control his negative emotions… I am honored with the progress he has made.”

Demaurion wrote to us, “I’ve been staying out of trouble and showing my brothers and sister a better me, because they look up to me and I know that I can do better. It took a lot of growing.”

Now, getting his Driver’s License is important to Demaurion because he can help his mom transport his siblings. Through our Success Awards program, Eckerd Connects is paving the way for Demaurion to reach his goal with the support of our generous donors. He knows it’s important to support his mother in the ways that he reasonably can, and because she’s a single parent with limited resources, he is committed to doing so.

“I really changed as a person,” Demaurion said, “I’m humble, and I know I’m on the right path in my life.” We want to ensure he continues on this path to success.

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