Success Stories | Daniella

Daniella was struggling with so many issues when she came to the Youth Connections Program in September 2019. Her father had passed away, there were issues at home, and her license had been suspended.  With no support system, she began hanging out with the wrong people and ditching school. She felt hopeless.

All that changed when she received a message from a Career Coach with Youth Connections. Daniella wanted a career in law enforcement. She knew she had to get her life back on track, but she needed some guidance and assistance with her education and employment.  Once enrolled in the program she and her Career Coach developed a plan.  At the top of the list was earning her diploma.  Daniella switched from traditional school to Adult Education and was able to earn her diploma in less than a month! This just jump started her desire to succeed.

After completing YESS training, Daniella was placed in a 6-week paid internship with Department of Juvenile Justice in Martin County.  This gave her the exposure and experience in the law enforcement industry and solidified her decision to make this her career path.  There was just one big problem.

Due to her suspended license for a speeding ticket, she could not apply to the police academy for 3 years. Instead of letting this deter her, she looked for a temporary Plan B.  Daniella has always loved working with animals.  Using the tools she got while in the program, she successfully landed a full-time job working at The Bark Park as a Canine Consultant and absolutely loves her job!

Daniella is looking forward to continuing her education and focusing on a career in Criminal Justice. She plans to enroll in the Police Academy in August 2021 and cannot wait to start.

“I am beyond grateful for all the support and guidance from my Career Coach and the Youth Connections Program. I have experienced and overcome so much, and it excites me for my future in law enforcement.” Daniella V.

“You have so much to offer the world and so much focus. I feel blessed to have been a part of your journey.  Your Dad is so proud and is smiling down on you.” Gina M., Career Coach.

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