Success Stories | Cooper

Cooper holding his diplomaCooper was referred to our Eckerd Connects Workforce Program by a former graduate.

At 17, he realized that he needed to obtain a diploma. He expressed that he fell behind in his studies due to not being motivated to continue in the traditional high school setting.

This lack of motivation had caused him to associate within a negative peer environment, make poor decisions, and become habitually truant.

Understanding that he needed to change his outlook on life, Cooper decided to get focused on his education, earn his diploma, and become a productive individual.

While participating, Cooper was always punctual. We made sure to relate how his willingness to show up on time and present himself with a positive level of decision-making skills would benefit him as an employee.

Cooper is very assertive as it relates to completing all classroom assignments and followed classroom instructions.

This was evident by his ability to participated in the following:

  • Soft Skills/Life Skills Workshops
  • Workplace Ethics andWorkplace Behaviors 
  • Dress for Success
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Financial Literacy 
  • Identity Theft

Cooper showed determination when he failed the math portion of his actual GED test. He quickly realized he could do better by studying the areas that gave him the most trouble.

Two days later he scheduled and passed the GED math test to earn his diploma. Cooper is currently employed and has verbalized a career pathway goal of becoming a welder.

Cooper’s decision to enroll and actively participate in our Eckerd Connects Workforce Program has absolutely had a positive impact in his life.

Cooper has also shown the ability to proactively socialize with peers making this truly a success story which has earned him the status of being a programmatic Youth Positive Outcome.

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