Success Stories | Cody

Cody is no stranger to hardship.

He and his two younger sisters, abandoned by both parents, entered the Ohio State foster care system at very young ages. Keeping siblings together is difficult. Fortunately, Cody could avoid being separated from his two younger sisters. They were placed with 4 different families before finally finding a forever family here in Florida.

The constant instability in Cody’s life played a big part in his lack of development. Expelled out of 3 schools, passed around by 4 different families. Protecting his sisters could have broken him, instead it fueled him. Cody’s reliance and relentless attitude led him to become the youngest participant to complete the YouthBuild program.

Since joining the program, Cody has not stopped.  He earned his First-Aid/CPR, OSHA 10, NCCER,  SafeStaff, and Spray Foam certifications.  Not finished yet, Cody earned his GED/ diploma.

Cody is now 18, working with The Porch Factory. He plans to enroll in Indian River State College to pursue a career in Carpentry. Despite his rough start in life, Cody never stopped to feel sorry for himself or gave up, setting the best example for his 2 sisters.

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