Success Stories | Celissa

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Celissa was living in her car when a friend told her about our homeless prevention services. She was employed but could not afford the down payment on an apartment, there was no family around to turn to for help. She was quickly losing the motivation to even try for a better life: 

“Without Eckerd [Connects] I do not know what would have happened to me. I would still be living in my car because it costs a lot to move in to an apartment and there was no help. Having a place to live motivated me to better my life.” 

Finding Hope 

With Eckerd Connects, Celissa quickly found the hope she was missing. Our housing team was able to explain the process of moving in, make the paperwork less intimidating, and even advocate for her with the property owner. As case manager Roy explains, one reason for Celissa success was her attitude: 

“Ms. Celissa has always maintained a positive attitude even through the bumps in the road of her life. She is not only a survivor; she is a person who truly gives out her heart to help others who are in need.” 

Getting into a safe living environment is not always the only obstacle people facing tough times must overcome. Our services are designed to help people at every step on their journey to self-sufficiency. 

Jobs not done 

After helping Celissa with move in-costs, we were able to help with utilities and get her vehicle fixed so she could have reliable transportation. A truly humble individual, her case manager explains Celissa is a person who gives out her heart to help others who are in need: 

“There are few people in this world that have the compassion to care for others like Celissa. She has been home schooling her grandkids during covid, and helping people in the community by gathering shoes to give to individuals who were incarcerated.” 

Future goals 

For the future, Celissa hopes to  one day have a home of her own, 

“I look forward to a bright future… I want a place where I can continue to live and a place for my grandkids.” 

She will never forget the impact Eckerd Connects had on her life, when we met her at her need and gave her that guiding hand. 

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