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Eiffel standing pround with a family member

Eiffel, a St. Martin Adult Workforce Development participant, found our program after relocating from Guam in search of a better future.

As a high achieving student, Eiffel has maintained a strong GPA and participated in a nursing club while completing his RN program. 

Upon graduation, he began applying for nursing positions and was selected to become an ICU nurse at Tulane. This is an unheard-of opportunity for new nursing graduates.  

Eiffel needed to move to New Orleans quickly, and he also needed the money to purchase the required uniforms and supplies. 

Because he was not able to work full time while completing his nursing program, his funds were very limited. To make the move, Eiffel needed some help.  

Eiffel was selected to receive an Eckerd Connects Success Award! To help Eiffel move to New Orleans his Success Award encompassed the following funding:   

  •  First month’s rent and deposit-$1,144.00 
  • Required scrubs and shoes-$250.00 
  • Required stethoscope and medical equipment-$250.00 

Each quarter, we accept Success Award nominations from participants around the country. Awards are granted to outstanding participants who need additional support to be successful. 

Learn more about our Workforce Programs and Success Award initiative below:

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