Stanley, age 17, lost his mother when he was seven years old, and his father was often away from home, serving in the military in the Middle East. The absence of parents precipitated a depressive childhood and turbulent adolescence for Stanley. He turned to drugs, using synthetic marijuana and dealing drugs at his school, and was subsequently expelled.

Stanley was referred to Eckerd Kids as he was transitioning out of a multi-purpose group home. He was lethargic and at high risk for relapse, and he displayed a lack of respect for authority and rules.

Eckerd Kids helped Stanley acquire skills that led him to select positive peer groups, develop a better relationship with his father, get his GED and start college classes. Stanley was released from probation three months early because of his improved behaviors and much to his father’s delight, he was hired for his first job. Stanley hopes to work in the computer industry and has been abstaining from all drug-related behavior.