Shamykia is College Bound

Eckerd Kids is continuing its weekly blog series on foster children and former foster children who have achieved their high school or college diplomas this spring. Last week we heard from Kiana Espino. Today learn the story of Shamykia a Blake High School graduate in Tampa, FL with big plans for the future! 

shamkyia overstreet
Shamykia at her senior prom

Shamykia Oversteet, 18 years old, graduated on June 7 from Blake High School in Tampa, Florida. Shamkyia was very excited for graduation and is looking forward to attending Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, FL on a special scholarship she received.

Shamykia was accepted on the spot into college at a job fair back in April!  Shamykia always knew she wanted to attend college, but originally had her hopes set high on moving to California because it was a place she always liked.  When her school counselors pushed her to attend the job fair and she was accepted into Edward Waters, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  She plans to move in August and live on campus, while attending school and working.  Shamykia plans on majoring in criminology and is interested in being a detective since her favorite show is Law and Order!

Shamykia was removed from her family at the age of 5, and has lived with various relatives and been in multiple foster homes throughout the years.  Most recently she was unfortunately removed again from her cousin’s home due to gun violence and was staying with a new foster family.  Shamykia currently resides with her friend while she is finishing high school.

Through all her struggles, Shamykia always had once constant source of encouragement, her older brother.  Shamykia says her brother is her motivation and her backbone.  He has always encouraged her to do the best she could be!  Shamykia and her brother are also the first two children out of their family to attend college.  Shamykia said,” People said I couldn’t do it, but I am going to prove them wrong…I can do it!”

Shamykia recently attended prom and homecoming at Blake High School and is looking forward to the future.  Her words of wisdom she wants other kids to know who may be struggling with school or other personal situations is to “do what you need to do in order to get where you need to be.”