Sacred Heart Parrish Helps Youth In Foster Care

Sacred Heart Parrish, with the help of their foster care ministry worked together this holiday season to provide extra-curricular activities to more than 46 children in foster care group homes.  Throughout the holiday season, foster youth were encouraged to submit their wishes related to sports, music or arts.  Through the hard work of more than 25 Sacred Heart Parrish volunteers, all of the youths’ wishes were able to be fulfilled!

In addition to providing these unique gifts that keep on giving well beyond Christmas, the youth in the church ministry also worked hard to raise $920 that is now available to youth in foster care for new or ongoing enrollment fees for participating in these activities.

Sacred Heart gave the youth a chance to engage in activities they otherwise may never be able to participate in, and they were able to make an impact on the lives of children in foster care throughout the Tampa Bay area.