A Proposal to Remember: Karin and Chloe Scott’s Story

Nine year old Chloe is not your typical fourth grader. Why, you might ask? Chloe spent two years in the foster care system after being removed from her family due to domestic violence, neglect, and abuse. Chloe was exposed to horrific things in her childhood that most children never have to go through. Drugs, abuse, alcohol … and nearly being shot to death, were just a few of the traumatic incidents Chloe had to deal with.

Most kids might not come through a situation like this so well, but Chloe is now stronger than ever and is spreading her message throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Chloe was first placed with Karin Scott as a temporary solution for respite care. Little did she know Karin would soon become her forever mom. Karin always had other friends who fostered, and she knew it was something she wanted to eventually do. In 2008, she attended a Heart Gallery sponsored match event where she met 14 year old Sam, who later was adopted and became her son. After Sam became an adult and moved out on his own, she recertified her license to become a temporary respite care provider. Little did she know that her first temporary placement would be 6 year old Chloe and her 17 year old sister Julie, sharing Sam’s old bunk beds. From the moment she meat Chloe and Julie, Karin says, “It was God driven from the beginning. These amazingly resilient girls needed to be kept together and to be safe … and there was no way I could let them go.” Julie subsequently aged out of foster care just 3 months later and remain

Chloe and Karin
Chloe and her mother Karin.

s in close contact. Karin tried to work with Chloe’s biological mom during the early stages, but it never worked out and that is when she knew it was time to pursue the adoption.

adoption proposal
Karin proposes to her foster child Chloe. “Will you be my forever daughter?”

If you have ever had the pleasure of hearing Chloe speak, you know she loves to be in the spotlight and has a flair for the dramatic side. As her mom will tell you, she needed an outlet to release her talent and energy! Because of this … Karin knew she wanted to make her adoption special. Karin got Chloe started in drama classes in school as it is something she is very passionate about and arranged a surprise adoption proposal to take place during one of Chloe’s plays that was taking place at a local high school. On February 21st, 2014, Chloe was pleasantly surprised and shocked when her then foster mom came on to the stage at the conclusion of her school play and asked her to be her forever daughter. Much like a marriage proposal, Karin had a ring she presented to Chloe on stage when she asked. As Karin says, “Adoption is much like a marriage, you can’t just give up … forever means forever!”

That was 2 years ago and today Karin and Chloe are closer than ever. Chloe is dedicated to sharing her story with others in order to help other children find homes and raise awareness. She says, “I love sharing my story because I know I’m making a difference in people’s lives!” Karin is also a big advocate and wants people to know that single mothers can be adoptive moms too! While at times Karin has experienced her own struggles she says, “Having a son, and a daughter are the best blessings I could ever have!”

Chloe continues to have high aspirations and many future dreams. When she grows up, she says she wants to be an actress, a family judge, enlist in the military and be a football player! As she continues to speak at local events, churches and even on the radio and a morning show, the message she wants other kids to know is, “Don’t give up … and always keep believing.”