Success Stories | Thomas

Thomas entered the Project Bridge program less than three months ago with big goals in mind.

  • Obtain a GED
  • Earn a job
  • Get his learner’s permit

Making some mistakes early in life that landed Thomas in DJJ, he knew changes were necessary to turn his life around. His goals were high expectations for anybody entering this program, much less a 16-year-old entering during a pandemic that shut down all face to face communication. Thomas had to adapt to a completely virtual experience!

By showing off his hard work and dedication, not only did he survive but Thomas thrived. A true self-starter, Thomas began scheduling his own coaching and tutoring sessions, never needing to be reminded or asked. He was able to take FULL advantage of the resources offered by his Project Bridge coaches and accomplished every goal he had.

At age 16, Thomas is done with High School, working at McDonald’s, has his driver’s permit, and is well on his way to his dreams of joining the military.

Help us congratulate Thomas on his amazing accomplishments. He has positioned himself not only on the right track but ahead of the curve.

Watch Project Bridge hold its first-ever virtual graduation ceremony to celebrate the amazing achievement of Mr. Thomas.

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