Pittsburg Job Corps Center Joins the Fight Against Covid-19

COVID-19 has shut down most of the country. Schools closed, stores closed, the nation effectively shuttered. This unprecedented virus has sent most of the students placed at the Pittsburgh Job Corps program home for the summer. With only 8 students and the handful of staff left on campus, this group has begun a truly remarkable act of community service.

Creating a makeshift production facility out of the Arts and Crafts room, and using whatever material available; the Pittsburgh Job Corps Center has shown that a little effort can go a long way. Cutting up cloth, sizing it up for stitching these young adults, many with no prior experience, have been making masks for the staff at the local Southwestern Veterans Center. This effort had provided the center dozens of masks; helping to keep our healthcare workers safe as they fight this invisible enemy.

Thank you Christjon Malloy, Florence Williams, Celine Nista, George Febre, Rebecca Blackburn, Regis Lux and the rest of the Pittsburg Job Corps Center students and staff for your tremendous efforts.

Story & Photos originally by Pittsburg Post-Gazette. Find the full article here

For more information about the Job Corps Program, please visit https: eckerd.org/jobcorps