Overcoming Your Barriers

Tatiana heard about Eckerd Connects | Workforce Development program through a friend that had successfully completed our career pathway.  Tatiana who is nearly 21 year of age, acknowledged that she had not taken her education or life seriously through her teenage years.  She is determined to be successful and knew that obtaining higher education is a crucial component for her goals.  You see, Tatiana is pregnant and is expecting a boy late in March, so her career coach enrolled her for high school diploma courses knowing this would be very achievable prior to her child’s birth.  With the support of her career coach, she was also presented with a wide mixture of workforce and life skills to assist her in being successful as a young adult and as a future parent.  Workshops such as: Cost of Car Ownership, Domestic Violence, Post-Secondary Education, Career Interest Assessment, Technology/Social Etiquette, Job Search Skills, Drug Use/Abuse, FDIC Money Smart Financial lesson Bank On It, Conflict Resolution, Mock Interview Practice & Tips, Ethics, Anger Management, Resume Building/Editing, Dress For Success, Teen Pregnancy, Networking, Cover Letter Building, Identity Theft and Online Applications.

Tatiana earned her High School Diploma on January 29, 2020 approximately one month and two weeks after being enrolled.  Now, she is currently enrolled at Florida Technical College and began taking online classes for Medical Billing and Coding, with an estimated completion date of December of 2020.  Tatiana is a very motivated and driven individual and becoming a mother only reinforces these qualities.  Her son has motivated her to overcome her barriers so she can better provide for him as a parent.

Eckerd Connects |Workforce Development program are here to provide individuals like Tatiana the opportunity to reach their potential.

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