The Masons

adoption cake
Celebrating new families on National Adoption Day

The Masons have been licensed foster parents with Eckerd Community Alternatives | Hillsborough for over a year. Their first foster child placed with them was a little boy, Gage age seven, who was removed from his biological family in December 2012 due to the parents’ substance abuse issues.  Gage had been in five different placements before arriving to the Mason home and was weary from the constant change of schools, routines and rules.  Gage also has a baby sister named Faith who had been in a different home who he missed greatly.  The Masons advocated for the siblings being placed together as sibling bonds are important to child development, and Faith was reunified with her brother in August 2013 in their home.

The Masons worked with Gage and Faith’s biological mother and maintained a relationship with her to encourage her success in the goal of reunification.  Unfortunately, the biological parents were not able to reunify with their children.  The Masons did not come into fostering with the expectation that they would adopt, but have fallen in love with Gage and Faith.  Faith and Gage have also bonded and become very attached to the Masons and view them as “mom and dad”.  The Masons have demonstrated their commitment to the children now and in the future, forever and ever.   The Masons finalized their adoption of Gage and Faith at the Pasco County National Adoption Day event on November 7, 2014 where 20 other children from foster care were also united with their forever families.