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Lucan Breaks Free From Life of Crime

The youngest of 7 children, Lucan has been in foster care since he was 2 months old. Later in life Lucan learned that he was abandoned by his parents. To deal with his parents’ choices, Lucan turned to a life of crime and ended up in the juvenile justice system. While in detention he was told, “Congratulations. You have successfully followed in the footsteps of your father.” This was a pivotal moment for Lucan who wanted to break the generational cycle of abuse and crime that his family had known.

Upon his release from a commitment facility, Lucan enrolled in Project Bridge, a program that helps young people reintegrate back into their community after being released from a residential facility. It was here that Lucan began to contemplate what his future would hold. He hoped that he could break free from his criminal past, but he wasn’t sure. At our Project Bridge program Lucan changed his thoughts on his future from “I hope not” to “I will not” take the same path that so many of his family members did.

Today, Lucan works two jobs which gives him a sense of purpose and dignity. He is learning how to set up a checking account, pay bills, and budget his resources. Lucan has short term dreams of purchasing a car and long-term goals of owning a house. Lucan starts at Manatee Technical College in the fall to pursue a degree in culinary arts.

Story Update November 2019