Letter from Samantha

Samantha is a participant in our Workforce Development program. Having been identified as on the autism spectrum, Sam does not want to depend on disability income or be solely supported by her parents but lacks the technical equipment to ensure her success. Samantha recently applied for a Success Award to purchase a laptop to ensure she is ready for college. Her letter was truly inspiring. Read it below: 

SamBrock“In March of 2021, I earned my Penn Foster High School diploma through the CareerSource Research Coast Youth Connections Program, enabling me to be eligible for federal student aid and register for college.  

I am applying for a Success Award to purchase a laptop to earn my associate degree online. I will need regular, reliable access to a computer — and one that is powerful enough to handle the programs I will need for school. 

My dream to become independent and self-sufficient has always been a struggle considering my learning disability. My parents believed that Social Security Disability was my only option until I earned my high school diploma and proved them wrong! Now, I want to reassure them, and myself, that I can go even further in my education and employment opportunities.  

The cost of the Dell-Student laptop along with the anti-virus and Microsoft Office programs is $919.97. I have moved to rural Georgia and will be taking my college classes online in the fall. I will also use the laptop to complete online applications to find a job!

The ability to work towards my college degree and even maintain a job while going to school will positively impact my life. It will improve my self-confidence and help me become independent.  

My goal is to graduate and prove to myself (and my family) that I can do whatever I put my mind to.  

Thank you for believing in me. 


Samantha understands that she has the potential to become a great employee, great friend, and great member of the community despite her limitations. She is determined to make herself self-sufficient and not need to depend on government assistance or her family to survive. A laptop will ensure she has the technology necessary to thrive while in pursuit of her college degree and beyond. 

Donate to Success Awards to give Samantha the tools she needs to connect with her potential! 

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