Letter from Marcus

Marcus and his sonHello, my name is Marcus, I am 35 years old and a single father of one. I am writing this letter today to give thanks and appreciation to Eckerd Connects and your supporters for being a vital part of my journey to recovery and a better life.  

 Just two years ago, I didn’t know where my life was going and at that point in time, I was going through so much turmoil. I was losing family, friends, jobs, and my faith. I was also addicted to drugs. I was homeless and living house to house and even out of my truck.  

Eventually, being financially broke took a toll on me. I wanted to give up so badly but the only thing that kept me going was my one and only child, Zaidyn.  

I would look at him and think to myself, “He didn’t ask to be in this situation, so now is the time I have to start living for him and give him the best life possible. 

I was always a good father, but I wanted to be a great one.    

When I got connected with Eckerd Connects, my life began to change both financially and emotionally. They helped me get a place for my son and me. Also, the sessions with my counselor really helped me take on things a lot better emotionally because I was in an isolated place for a very long time. 

I just want to say “thanks” again for everything that has been done for me and my son, and to all the people who were a part of our journey and success. Without you guys, who knows how long it would have taken or where we would be now?   

Thank you so much! 


There are many other families and young people around the country, just like Marcus, who need emergency help to get back on their feet. Your gifts make a new life possible for those in desperate need 

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