Trish Jones-Mondero

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Outreach

With a career spanning over two decades, Ms. Jones-Mondero stands as a dedicated professional in the realms of workforce development and youth services. Her profound commitment to fostering growth and empowerment has manifested through her extensive involvement in various facets of these fields.

Throughout her journey, Ms. Jones-Mondero has harnessed a deeply personal and hands-on approach to catalyze transformative change. For nearly 20 years, she has been instrumental in collaborating with local Job Corps campuses at the National Job Corps Association (NJCA). At the NJCA, Ms. Jones-Mondero orchestrated the development and execution of various grassroots communications and strategic community outreach initiatives. Throughout her career, she has created, implemented, and led a variety of dynamic community engagement initiatives. From forging invaluable connections with local and state elected officials to fostering partnerships with community organizations, employers, and other stakeholders, her role in shaping external communications has been pivotal in effectively conveying the impact of these initiatives to a wider audience.

A recognized energetic leader, Ms. Jones-Mondero’s contributions extend beyond her work with Job Corps campuses. Her adeptness at analysis, research, design, and strategic implementation has fueled her success in providing top-tier consulting services. In her multifaceted role, she has consistently harnessed her expertise to craft innovative solutions to address intricate challenges.

Ms. Jones-Mondero’s academic journey was honed at Ball State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in political science and journalism. This educational foundation has been a cornerstone of her career, equipping her with the unique blend of skills required to navigate the dynamic intersections of policy, media, and community engagement.

Ms. Jones-Mondero’s impact is not only visible in her professional endeavors but also in her passion for nurturing partnerships and driving collaboration. Her proficiency in partnership development and strategic communications has laid the groundwork for the sustainable growth of numerous initiatives. Additionally, she excels in the art of partnership capacity building, elevating collaborative efforts to new heights of effectiveness. Ms. Jones-Mondero’s expertise extends to the realm of media outreach, ensuring that the narratives she shapes resonate powerfully with diverse audiences. Her proficiency in external affairs further underscores her ability to bridge organizational goals with community aspirations. In essence, Ms. Jones-Mondero’s legacy is one of empowerment, innovation, and unwavering dedication.