Roanne Francisco

Senior Vice Presidents of Operations, Odle Management

Ms. Roanne Francisco is one of Odle’s Senior Vice Presidents of Operations, bringing more than 15 years’ experience with a proven track record of excellent performance in the management of Education and Training components of Job Corps Campus operations.

As a seasoned Job Corps Director and Corporate Technical Manager, she provided corporate-wide education and training management and administered company-wide training summits for all education and training and counseling management teams for each Job Corps Campus. While serving as the Deputy Director for Treasure Island JCC, she was the key management staff that implemented education and training strategies to make this campus a top performing campus in the nation and the region. She also served as Corporate Technical Manager for the Job Corps contractor providing technical support and training to more than 10 Job Corps campuses.

Ms. Francisco has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics with Computer Applications and graduated No. 1 in her class. She has completed coursework for a master’s degree in Business Administration.