Ray Wright

Chief Information Officer

Since joining Eckerd Connects, Ray has held several positions from Director of IT to Vice President of Quality and Information Services and now serves as Chief Information Officer. In his current role, Ray is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s critical infrastructure operates and performs at the highest capacity; identifying, planning and implementing new and efficient technology solutions across the organization; and focusing on the utilization of family focused, data driven solutions that deliver quality, cost-effective services to youth and families nationwide.

Ray began his career in the field of IT nearly 20 years ago while working as a contractor in the nuclear power industry, shortly after completing a consulting engagement and assisting with transitioning the Radiation Health Department at the South Texas Nuclear Project (STP) from a thin client- to a client-server based solution. Following completion of his work at the South Texas Project, Ray returned to Florida and became the General Manager/Senior Trainer for a local training and consulting services provider in Tampa. He provided technical training and consulting services throughout the United States and Europe to Microsoft’s premier customers and the US military.

He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and holds numerous Microsoft, Cisco and other technical certifications. In 2003, he was recognized as one of the top 10 Microsoft trainers in the country. Prior to his career in IT, Ray was an eight-year veteran of the US Navy in the Navy’s Nuclear Power program, holding positions as a Senior Chemistry & Radiological Controls and Mechanical Engineer Staff Instructor at one of the Navy’s nuclear power training prototypes and also serving for four years as a Diver and Department Lead on a submarine.
Ray resides in Tampa and is an active member in his community, serving on boards of several organizations that he supports. He is married and has two grown children.