Lana Kite

Campus Director, Pinellas County Job Corps

Ms. Lana Kite became campus Director at Pinellas County Job Corps campus in May, 2023, with 25 years of experience within Job Corps. Ms. Kite is originally from Oklahoma. She graduated from East Central University, in Ada, Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s Degree and then received a Master’s Degree from the University of Michigan.

Ms. Kite began her Job Corps Career as Director of Programs and proposal writer for the Texas Educational Foundation. In this role, she had oversight for the Gary, Gainesville and El Paso campus. Ms. Kite was also assigned to the Treasure Lake Job Corps campus to assist with their performance with Del-Jen, Inc. (Fluor). Her assignments with Fluor included oversight of the Albuquerque Job Corps campus. It was in Albuquerque that Ms. Kite assumed her first campus Director role. Ms. Kite also served in this role with campuses in North Texas, Roswell, El Paso and Dayton before arriving in Pinellas County. In every location, Ms. Kite has been very active in serving on youth committees for workforce development.

In addition to working with students, Ms. Kite enjoys hiking and jogging. She counts hiking 700 miles of the Appalachian Trail for three months as one of the most exciting adventures she has undertaken.

Pinellas County Job Corps Campus
500 22nd St S
St Petersburg, FL 33712
Campus Phone: 727-551-2900

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The Pinellas County Job Corps campus is operated under the Team Exceed/ODLE – a partnership agreement between Exceed and ODLE Management Group, LLC. Together, Team Exceed/ODLE specializes in managing Job Corps campuses holistic and comprehensive education, career training and job placement services for young adults between the ages of 16-24.