Dr. Donald Dixon

Dr. Donald Dixon is the Divisional Social Services Director at The Salvation Army where he directs social services contracting and provides technical assistance and consultation with Salvation Army chapters throughout Florida. A child welfare expert consultant in legal cases, Dr. Dixon is passionate about teaching on social welfare policy and child protection.

Formerly, Dr. Dixon was the Director of Hillsborough County Children’s Services, as well as the Chief Operating Officer for the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County. He served as an adjunct instructor for fourteen years, teaching about the American Social Welfare System and cultural diversity at the University of South Florida’s School of Social Work where he earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 2011.

Highlights of his vast community and professional service experience include that Dr. Dixon is the chair of the District 13 Case Review Committee and serves as a member of the Statewide Children and Families training Project Advisory Team.