eckerd success story Lamar* was just eight years old and out of control.  He was displaying dangerous behaviors such as throwing himself on the street in fits of anger and running away when he could not get his way.  Lamar was having behavioral issues at school as well, which caused his mother to receive frequent phone calls and notes from school staff.  He even threatened to kill his older sister when in a rage and had even gone so far as to get a knife to do so.  His mother had taken him to other outpatient treatment services in the past, but so far nothing had worked.

Lamar’s mother was told about Eckerd Kids’ Wraparound Agency which serves at-risk families in Louisiana.  Upon referral, Lamar was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Combined Type.  After entering into the Wraparound Program, the family was informed of the variety of services that were available to them.  Once Mom decided on what services she felt would be beneficial, a trained facilitator helped her develop a team of service providers that worked with the family consistently to ensure that their needs were being met.  The family’s team consisted of a facilitator, parent support, youth support and counselor, who work with the family on a weekly basis.  The child was also assigned Behavioral Strategist. Over a period of time, Lamar’s mother began to report that her son’s behaviors was beginning improve.

Almost one year later, Lamar successfully graduated from the Wraparound Program and is doing much better in school and at home.  He has learned how to effectively communicate with others and is showing his ability to control his anger, utilizing techniques that were taught to him by his counselor.

“I am grateful for the Wraparound Program and I would recommend it to any parent that has children with behavioral issues,” says his mother.


*Name and photo changed to protect the child’s identity.