Jan’s Mission

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The passion to help those in need creates a beautiful outcome for both the recipient, and the one providing the gift.

Our programs identify young adults who continue to persevere through numerous obstacles, yet they need someone to take a leap of faith on their behalf to help them along their journey. Identifying the need and identifying our supporters whose passion is to help, is one of our number one goals for our youth. It was the perfect dream that came to life for Davious and Robin when a generous, loving and passionate stranger named Jan, reached out and said:

“I want to support these dear ones and help them reach their goals”.

Davious, one of 15 siblings, is a graduate from Dunedin High School. He completed Project Bridge and Project 180, and is working  2 jobs to save for a car. After touring PTEC, Devious decided to pursue a career as an electrician. He plans to work towards becoming a “journeyman” and eventually opening his own business.

If it were not for this gift, Davious would need to take the city bus to and from school every day, which would add an hour and 15 minutes to his commute.

Robyn is 20 years old and obtained her GED with Project Bridge in 2018. She is currently enrolled in Project 180. Robyn lives on her own, paying weekly rent and living check to check. Robyn could not save up for a car and enroll in school because of her other financial responsibilities.

This gift will allow Robyn to allocate the dollars she usually puts towards rent to saving for a vehicle, establishing savings and purchase costs related to enrolling in school to either be a nurse or vet technician.

Please watch, as the news from a total stranger was shared by their program director:

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