Infinity Headbands Partners with Eckerd Raising Hope to Support Area Foster Children

Infinity Headbands will donate a display filled with its innovative interchangeable headband accessories  to Eckerd Raising Hope, a program that serves children in foster care in the Tampa Bay community. Infinity Headbands by Ambrosia Designs are customized headbands and headband accessories that allow for nearly endless design possibilities.  The headbands include washable ribbon attachments that can be easily changed to match any outfit. The brainchild of a 7-year-old girl, Infinity Headbands are now available for sale at more than 20 locations in the southeast and online at

Raising Hope, a program of Eckerd, exists to provide for the emergency and transitional needs of abused and neglected children and youth entering the foster care system in the Tampa Bay area.  These children are  left with minimal or no personal belongings and often carry what they do have in a garbage bag.  The Raising Hope program utilizes private contributions to fill “Rooms of Hope” with duffel bags, clothes, toiletries, baby items, school supplies, accessories, comfort items such as blankets and stuffed animals, and more.  These “Rooms of Hope” are open to children to “shop” for their needs in a cheerful environment during a traumatic time in their lives.

Ashley Fox, co-founder of Ambrosia Design, producers of Infinity Headbands, has a direct connection to the foster care system.  Ms. Fox and her husband adopted their youngest son from foster care 10 years ago.  Today, she continues to have a passion for helping children in foster care, especially young girls. “We strongly believe that every girl deserves to feel beautiful,” Ms. Fox said . “If wearing a hair accessory – especially one that she can design herself- makes her feel beautiful, then we want to make this accessible.  Based on my experience and knowledge of the foster care system, I realize hair accessories are not at the top of the need list. This prompted our desire to donate our hair accessories  to Eckerd Raising Hope.”


About Infinity Headbands:  Created by a then 7-year old Brylee Beckerman, Infinity Headbands by Ambrosia Designs are interchangeable headbands featuring 40-plus ribbon styles and accessories.  Infinity Headbands are now available in over 20 gift boutiques in the southeast and are available online at