Helping Our Foster Heroes

Eckerd Connects is one of America’s most experienced foster care organizations, so we know some amazing parents, who selflessly welcome other people’s children into their homes. And often, because the children have been neglected or abused, they have even higher needs than the average child. That’s why it’s especially impressive that Jessica Fernandez and her husband are so good at caring for five foster children, and their own two biological children. They are incredible!

So, when Jessica, one of the world’s truly great mothers, applied for one of our Success Awards, we wanted to do whatever we could to help. Success Awards are meant to help people reach their potential. Sometimes that means help with a suit for a job interview, a laptop for college, or even a used car to help get an education or a job. Jessica asked for a Success Award to pay for a laptop computer and a broadband internet connection. The family lives in Kansas, and her husband works full time as an elevator operator.

Back to School

Jessica recently went back to school to get her license as a Certified Nurse Assistant. But she knows she could be more helpful, and improve her family’s income, if she became a Licensed Practical Nurse. That requires significantly more study. The problem is that with seven children all trying to do online schooling and homework, computer and internet time is severely limited. On top of that, each of the five foster children is doing virtual therapy, visits with family, communication with teachers, and more.

“Eight members of our family are in school,” Jessica explains. “This award would help us by providing an additional computer and internet service that could handle two computers at once.”

Education is Key

Jessica and her husband are strongly committed to progress for all the children, and they know that education is key. The Eckerd Connects Foster Home Specialist who works with the family is impressed with Jessica’s ability to manage the educational and therapeutic progress of every member of the family. Given our mission to help connect people to their potential, the decision to grant Jessica’s request for a Success Award was an easy one. This family does so much to help others.

Helping Jessica is a way to help not only her, but seven children as well. It’s because our Success Awards can make such a difference to people who are trying to improve their lives that we’re deeply grateful for donor support. Thank you for helping to provide a perfect Success Award to give a helping hand to one of the world’s truly great mothers.

You can be sure that when Thanksgiving comes this year, the entire family of nine will be deeply grateful for your gifts.

To help a family, like the Jessica’s, please give to our success awards.