‘Got caught up in wrong crowd.’ Florida teen turns life around, from defendant to youth ambassador

Published at: Treasure Coast Newspaper
Reported by: Will Greelee
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Jovanie St vil, owner of Saint Shine Detailing, spends a lot of time cleaning the rims of his customer’s Honda, one of the most important parts of car detailing, on Monday, June 5, 2023, in Port St. Lucie. St vil, a former juvenile offender, has been recognized as a 2023 state Department of Juvenile Justice Youth Ambassador, for turning his life around.

Jovanie, one of our Project Bridge youth, turned his life around from defendant to Department of Juvenile Justice Youth Ambassador.

“Always be around somebody who is a positive reinforcement to other people, and to you as well…. If there’s no positive reinforcements, if there’s no positivity in the picture, then you shouldn’t be in that picture.”

Jovanie is featured in the Treasure Coast Newspaper where he shared his story and encouragement with others.

Jovanie credits Eckerd Connects Project Bridge program for being the “Game Changer” in his life.  Providing reinforcement and helping him start two small businesses in car detailing and making t-shirts.

“Eckerd Connects actually were the role models and they actually kind of like molded my mind into thinking outside of the box and thinking from different perspectives,” St vil said. “Regardless of where I am in life, Eckerd Connects will be with me.”

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