A Foster and Adoptive Parent’s Story

Mommy and Abbi
Abi and her mommy Allison

“I was at a great place in my life and I simply wanted to give back.” Those were the thoughts of Allison Corsones when she made the phone call that began the process of becoming licensed as a foster parent.

Allison remembers becoming licensed in November of 2012 and also receiving her first foster child on that same day! She went on to say that she has now has had three little ones in her home since becoming licensed. The first child at her home only stayed for a short while. She received her second child the day after Christmas in 2012; the child was only 6 weeks old when she arrived and shortly afterwards went to a pre-adoptive placement, but that was when Abigail came into her life. She came to Allison directly from Medical Foster Care (due to being exposed to drugs at birth). Eckerd Community Alternatives was looking for a home that had no other children so that Abigail could receive the kind of one-on-one attention that she so desperately needed.

According to Allison, that was the beginning of a voyage that would eventually lead to the adoption of Abigail. When “Abi” came to Allison, both of her biological parents were incarcerated, but eventually Abigail’s biological mother was released from her incarceration and began the process of working a case plan that would have the goal of reunification. Allison remembers spending a great deal of time developing a relationship with the mother. She describes the relationship as being similar to that of a mentor. The mother eventually began attending church with Allison and many community events together.

Unfortunately as it happens all too frequently, the mother relapsed and disappeared for several moths before resurfacing. The mother continued to struggle with her personal issues, but remained in contact with Allison. Over time she came too understand just how very much Abigail was loved by her foster mom. Abigail’s mother was unable to successfully reunify with her daughter, and the end result was that Allison eventually found herself in front of a dependency judge at an adoption hearing.

When asked about their relationship, Allison said, “my relationship with Abigail’s mother had its highs and its lows, but through it all I realized that it was important that Abigail see her biological mother and her foster mother getting along.” Allison knows that Abigail will most likely want some type of a relationship with her biological mother in the future, and that future relationship with her bio-mom will be even more possible because of the relationship that was developed throughout Abigail’s time in Allison’s care.

Allison has heard many people say that they could never foster a child, but Allison feels as though she could never have NOT been a foster parent. She says, “And look at me now, I’m an adoptive parent too! The rewards are totally amazing, just look at Abigail.”