Fifty children set to benefit this year from Ritz-Carlton donation

Nonprofits like Eckerd Kids survive on community partnerships, which often take years to build.

That wasn’t the case this past spring though, when the Ritz-Carlton reached out – wanting to make a difference.

“We were thrilled when we found out the Ritz-Carlton wanted to help us,” said Julia Taylor, a licensed administrator for Eckerd Kids in Arlington, Texas.

The international luxury resort company contacted Taylor and her team via a third-party company called Special E, which helps event planners ‘upcycle’ items such as food, flowers, candles, linens, and décor, after their festivities have concluded.

“They wanted to name us the benefactors of an on-going partnership to provide children in foster care with bags for their belongings, so the children wouldn’t need to utilize trash bags anymore,” explained Taylor.

In early June, the Texas Foster Care Program received their first batch of bags – one dozen.  A second donation is set to be made in the fall. Another dozen, this time filled with much-needed toiletry items, including diapers.

“Because we’ve agreed to an ongoing relationship, I’d say throughout the year this program will probably benefit about 50 children annually,” said Taylor. “That’s huge for us. They’re also doing similar programs with the Ronald McDonald House and The Children’s Shelter – which we think is great.”

If you’d like to make a donation to foster kids in your community, please visit