With an eye on the future, Eckerd Kids’ CEO David Dennis celebrates 10 years

An afternoon celebration of Eckerd Kids’ President and CEO David Dennis started out the way all the best get-togethers do – with barbecue and good conversation.

“I just can’t thank you all enough,” Dennis told staff members headquartered in Clearwater, Florida at the March 31 picnic.

“This has been an incredible experience for me, but nothing that’s happened these last 10 years could have occurred without the dedicated people working for Eckerd Kids across the country.”

During his first decade of leadership, Dennis has championed a period of growth and consistency for Eckerd Kids.

From workforce development, to foster care services and juvenile justice rehabilitation programs,  the non-profit’s scope of service is monumental. To assure staffers that Eckerd Kids is up for the challenge, Dennis handed out inspirational bracelets inscribed with one of his favorite mottos.

Under Dennis’ guidance, Eckerd Kids has developed a presence in 18 states, plus the District of Columbia.