Elijah began Eckerd Kids’ therapeutic foster care program in Wichita, KS on March 22, 2015 after bouncing around several foster homes and residential facilities. When he was first placed in foster care he was angry, openly defiant, and verbally and physically aggressive. He ran away numerous times and refused to attend school. Eckerd Kids staff was able to provide Elijah therapy, service referrals and most importantly a supportive and loving foster home.

While in the foster home, he worked on his anger issues and received therapy for issues within his family of origin. His foster parent worked with him on self-esteem, hygiene, independent living skills and stressed the importance of doing well in school. She also mentored his biological mother and helped him work towards saving money to pay off his fines for previous juvenile charges he obtained.

Elijah completed the school year with all A’s and B’s and attended school each day. He began making positive friendships and is now mentoring other kids in foster care. In June, Elijah was able to return home to his mother after completing requirements on their case plan. Elijah is thriving at home and happy to be a whole family again!

Right now, Elijah is attending The Boys and Girls Club Summer Program and has begun interviewing for summer jobs. His foster mother has offered to maintain the relationship with Elijah after he returns home by offering monthly respite to his mother.  Elijah still struggles with managing his emotions at times, but he continues to improve and work on himself. His foster mother reports that she has seen a tremendous change in Elijah in the past two months. Everything from the way he interacts with other people as well as the way he carries himself shows that Elijah is becoming a confident and positive young man.