Eckerd and Paxen Announce their Affiliation

Eckerd, a national leader in child welfare and juvenile justice programs and Paxen, a provider of outcome-based workforce development, education and community-based delinquency services for youth and young adults announce their affiliation.

Paxen’s endeavors are primarily in the area of workforce development in Georgia, Hawaii and South Carolina and juvenile justice services in Florida and Washington, D.C., with their headquarters in Melbourne, Florida.  Paxen specializes in developing and delivering outcome-based programs that build academic, employability skills and life skills for at-risk individuals.  The organization was founded in 1984, and has grown since then in terms of locations and scope of services provided. At the end of 2014, Paxen held thirty contracts in five states (Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina and South Carolina) and Washington, D.C.  Paxen’s total contract revenue for 2014 was $8.5 Million.

“Paxen’s mission, vision and values align extremely well with that of Eckerd,” Richard Semancik, Chief Operating Officer for Paxen said.  “Combining the strengths of our two organizations will certainly be a tremendous advantage for the at-risk populations we serve as they tackle the challenges of every day life.”

Eckerd, driven by its mission to provide and share solutions that promote the well-being of children and families, provides more than 35 programs and services in eight states and is an experienced partner with helping states manage and transform public systems of care.

“This affiliation allows us to move the dial in merging missions to scale success and increase impact,” David Dennis, President & CEO of Eckerd said.  “We look forward to expanding Eckerd’s geographical footprint and adding workforce development and GED preparation to our array of services in order to provide even more second chances to youth and families.”

Today marks the second acquisition in the 47-year history of Eckerd.  In August 2014, Eckerd announced affiliation with CARING for Children, an Asheville, North Carolina based provider of child and family services.  Eckerd plans to continue to acquire and merge with other organizations as growth opportunities become available.