Eckerd Kids passes microphone to foster mom in new radio spot

It’s a known fact at Eckerd Kids that the best way to recruit new foster parents is through word of mouth.

That’s why the national non-profit passed the microphone over to Kimberly Hernandez, a foster mom with 17-years’ experience.

“There are over 6,000 children in the Tampa Bay area who need the loving care of a foster or adoptive parent,” Hernandez says in her new radio spot.

Hernandez knows what she’s talking about. She’s fostered more than a hundred children over her two decades of service, and currently sits as the president of the Hillsborough County Foster Parent Association.

“Not everyone can foster or adopt,”  Hernandez tells listeners, “but everyone can help.”

Her message began airing on The Dove-WDUV and JOY-FM April 3, and will run for two weeks.