Eckerd Connects helped me SHINE!

CELEBRATING SUCCESS: Mirtha’s Success Story

“When I came to Eckerd Connects, I was a delivery driver at a pizza place that I had been working for the past 3 years and I felt STUCK. At the start of the process, I wasn’t sure what exactly I was looking for myself, but I knew I wanted to be successful at anything I decided to do. My experience with the team was wonderful and I learned so much about the work world, but also about myself and it was amazing! The team helped me gain confidence in all of my skills, and some I didn’t even realize I had. I gained confidence in myself when it came to applying and interviewing for a new job and in just living life everyday.

The first paid training I had was as a receptionist at a therapist office and it was such an eye opener into the world of mental health and the different jobs available in that field. Dealing with family issues and how to help and deal with people who’ve had traumatic experiences in their lives, but it also helped me learn how to properly work in an office and use office machinery. After my training at the therapist office, I decided to go out and apply for positions on my own and landed an interview (and position) with R+L Global, a worldwide known Logistics company that has a station here in Ocala, as a Credit and Collection Administrative assistant.

I love my new position and my new outlook on how to carry myself when looking for a new job and keeping a job you enjoy. All of the skills I learned while at Eckerd Connects have been in my day to day work life and I never go a day without using at least one skill I learned with the team!

Now that I have a position I am happy with and that is steady. Now I can focus on what I would like to do when I go back to school and further my education. The paid training position I had at the therapist office encouraged me to go to school for social work and business administration and now I feel comfortable taking that leap!

Thank you to everyone in the Eckerd Connects program for the way you helped me SHINE!

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