Eckerd Community Alternatives Co-hosts Child Adoption Education Day

Eckerd Community Alternatives announced they will be a co-host for the first annual Child Adoption Education Day on June 13, 2015.  This event, with more than 500 people registered will serve to educate the public about adoption and provide attendees with the necessary resources to learn how the adoption process works.

At any given time more than 200 local Tampa Bay area children are in need of a forever family. In order to help combat this alarming statistic, this event will serve to educate the public about adoption for anyone who has ever had interest in starting or growing their family.  Information will be provided on support services available both pre and post adoption.  Most importantly, personal stories will be shared by select adoptive parents and children to tell their own stories on what the adoption process has meant in their lives.

Jabari Carter, a 17 year old from Hillsborough County who was recently matched for adoption, will be speaking on behalf of all youth waiting for their forever family. Jabari has been in and out of the child welfare system since he was a small child and has a compelling story to share.  When Jabari was asked to share his story, he prefaced it with a short, simple line stating “All any child wants is a family to love them.”  Jabari will be sharing more of his story on Saturday.

This event is free to all attendees and will take place in a casual, learning atmosphere where everyone can have open conversation and share an educational experience. Every major organization that is involved in the adoption process in the Tampa Bay area is partnering to make this a successful event, while explaining the role they play in the adoption process.

When: June 13, 2015
Where: Old McMicky’s Farm, 9612 Crescent Lake Drive, Odessa, FL 33556
Time: 2 – 5 pm

Strong adoption and family advocates, Tony and Lauren Dungy helped promote the event with a PSA.